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Why do people use Belbin?

Why do people use Belbin?

Why do people use Belbin?

In essence, Belbin Team Roles serves as a tool for identifying behavioural strengths and weaknesses within the workplace.

Whether you aim to resolve conflict or optimise performance, Belbin reports offer invaluable insights. They ensure your team communicates with a deeper understanding and operates at peak efficiency.

Sabre has used The Belbin Model and its reports since 1989 with great success. Clients have included a wide range of corporate, government, defence, education and NGO organisations and from factory floor to C Suite.

We have used Belbin in tandem with team building and experiential learning sessions as well as for stand-alone Belbin workshops and longer-term Team DNA (R), Leadership DNA (R) and Sustainable Teaming (R) initiatives.

Sabre is now Sole Belbin Distributor for Australia.

Why do people use Belbin? Because it works.

In a summary, Belbin offers:

Well-rounded teams, drawing on diverse behavioural contributions.

Individuals empowered with the self-awareness to adapt their behaviour.

Confidence in decision-making.

A common language for coaching discussions.

Far greater depth and lasting value than stand-alone team building activities.

Belbin Australia is the gold-standard team tool.

Belbin Australia

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