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Team Building and Leadership for Schools

Team Building for Schools

Team building for schools

Team building for schools
Team building and profiling for students and schools with Belbin

Team and Leadership Development for Schools and Universities

Sabre designs and delivers team building and leadership development solutions for students, staff and admin.​

Several of Sabre's key personnel have considerable experience as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary teaching professionals and designers of curriculum.


We tap into Sabre's considerable global experience in profiling and team and leadership development to tailor approaches that will suit the required year level or staff team and the desired cultural outcomes.


Programmes incorporate expert facilitaton, experiential / action learning content and the world famous "Belbin Team Role Model" for which Sabre is a Regional Representative.  


The Belbin profiles can also be used in a special version for young people known as "GetSet" which offers tremendous insight into a young person's preferred operating style, leadership potential and areas for development (useful for both the student and any staff working with them).


This serves as not just a useful tool during their leadership journey at school, but also as an excellent foundation of understanding for moving on to university, business, defence and other career paths where an understanding of how you work in teams or as a leader is of great benefit.


We can offer solutions such as...


  • Student team / leadership days.

  • Staff team / leadership and PD sessions.

  • Student profiling and reports.

  • Tailored team and leadership continuum to create an engaging progression through year levels.

  • Training and Official Accreditation for the school or university to enable ongoing creation of their own profiles and reports.


Sabre also has an alliance with a cutting edge provider of outdoor adventure training and multi-day residential camps for student groups to add another dimension to Sabre's approaches.

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