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Team and Leadership DNA

Team development with Sabre's Team DNA approach
Leadership development options with Sabre's Leadership DNA approach

Team and Leadership DNA are Sabre's premium team and leadership development approaches.​

Tailored Team and Leadership Development


Sabre is uniquely placed to design and deliver the more sophisticated team development approaches required by real teams.


The important elements that we have readily at hand for a higher-level of design and delivery are…


Evidence based behavioural profiling and diagnostics


We are highly experienced users (and also the Australian Distributors for) the Belbin Model that is used worldwide by corporate, government, defence and NGO clients.  It provides a robust foundation that is highly credible to workplace teams for the exploration of strengths, weaknesses and biases. 


Director level facilitators


We have a talented pool of senior level Sabre facilitators that we draw upon for this type of work. Each of the team that we deploy for this level of programme has at least 20 years of international experience behind them.


Sophisticated experiential projects


We have a wide range of sophisticated leadership projects and business games (indoor and outdoor).  This level of programme demands far more than rafts and string and bucket games.  Any activity content must be aimed at meaningfully addressing behaviour and biases for targeted development.


Technology Transfer to In-House Facilitators


We are also uniquely placed to train and accredit selected internal people in the profiles and techniques that we use to get results.  This can leave behind internal champions and a powerful ongoing capability for targeted follow through and development.

Our Team and Leadership DNA approaches are highly tailored to suit the needs of each client.


They combine extensive pre-programme diagnostics, individual and team profiles, presentations, speakers, workshops and targeted experiential learning and / or business games and simulations.  


These are all carefully linked to the client's real-world aims and objectives with self-guided and facilitated follow-through.


We have delivered these programmes for frontline teams, project teams, graduates, as integral components of leadership academies and for senior leadership teams.


Elements of these programmes can also be used as informative and insightful content for meetings, conferences and off-sites or used as the core of elite executive retreats.


These are rarely 'off the shelf' approaches but rather heavily tailored programmes to suit your specific aims, people and culture.  From 2 hour sessions to multi-day, or year long programmes.






A/ Participants complete their profiles online before the date of the programme.


B/ Sabre generates comprehensive individual and team reports (with handouts) to bring onto the programme.


On The Day


A/ Introduction and warm up challenge “The Team DNA Human Treasure Hunt”


B/ Explanation of the Team Role Model and interactive exploration of individual profiles, and reports.  Includes insights from Belbin research and also current neuroscience for developing teams, leaders, relationships and psychological safety within teams.


C/ Team challenge activity task “The Matrix” and de-brief


D/ Comprehensive session review and generation of take-away commitments.




  • Build self –awareness and understanding of others

  • Enhance working relationships

  • Evidence based insight into the impact of workplace behaviour

  • Foundation to build better approaches for decision-making, conflict and daily execution

  • Better manage individual and collective strengths and weaknesses

  • Enhance workplace engagement and business performance

  • Understand and refine leadership and communication styles

  • Understand behavioural drivers for teams and leaders with the human brain in mind

  • Build, develop or align teams and develop leaders







Team DNA and Leadership DNA are Registered Trademarks of

Sabre Corporate Development

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