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Leadership Development Australia

Leadership Development Australia by Sabre and Belbin
Belbin is used by sabre for leadership development

Developing a person’s authentic leadership capability is a multi-faceted process, and leadership is arguably far more about real life experience than theory.


An incredibly useful and ongoing tool for emerging, new and experienced leaders is therefore behavioral profiling.


What are the observed strengths and weaknesses of your actual behaviors at work, and how are they impacting your leadership style?

Sabre and Belbin can offer:

Belbin Behavioural Profiles and Reports

Tailored Retreats

Targeted Team and Leadership Development




Leadership development is regrettably something to which lip service is often paid, with the true depths of what actually drives a person’s leadership style left unexplored.


Too many fads, books and models abound that purport to develop a person’s leadership style yet fail to personalize the leadership development process to that person’s unique style and life experiences.


Myriad factors drive human personality and behavior and so leadership development is never a “one size fits all” approach, but should be highly tailored to suit the leader and the situation of their functional roles and responsibilities.


We make use of the Belbin Model along with its profiles and reports to obtain evidence based insight and practical advice into the strengths and weaknesses of a person’s leadership style.


The impact that a leader will have on their team (or teams) will manifest in great measure through the behaviors they exhibit both when at their best and at their worst.


Their team members will certainly see the impact of their behaviour unfold day to day.  The leader themselves may also intuitively know their strengths and weaknesses, but often they may not grasp it all.


Providing a common and non-threatening language with which to explore team and leadership behaviours provides a solid foundation for genuine leadership development.


Authenticity is critical. 


Leaders attempting to exhibit behaviors that they don’t naturally possess, or trying to mask those that they do, will simply not be sustainable under real world pressures.


Failing to grasp what you are actually “putting out there” is also a recipe for disaster, as the impacts of good and bad leadership behaviors can trigger powerful emotional reactions in team members.


Engagement, morale and team effectiveness can thus be powerfully influenced by your leadership behaviors.


We feel that it is far better to measure what’s actually present.  


Thus leaders can develop better strategies to develop strengths and manage weaknesses to best effect.  This is an authentic approach to leadership development that perceptive team members will recognize as “the real thing” (as opposed to someone playing a role that does not suit them).


Effective leadership comes in many shapes and sizes. 


Different Team Role types will lead in their own way, and have strengths and weaknesses that manifest in a situational context as a result.


The leadership styles of one Team Role may be highly suited to some situations, but quite disadvantageous to a team in others.


Learning how teams develop, and how to tap the strengths of others is also crucial.


A leader is not necessarily in possession of all the answers, but knows how to lead a team to discover them.  

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