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Wonderful 200 person Picture Perfect team building event in Brisbane.

Team building in Brisbane by Sabre
Team Building in Brisbane by Sabre

A wonderful 200 person Picture Perfect team building event in Brisbane has created a beautiful team masterpiece featuring Australian Indigenous, Maori and other contemporary images.


Sabre designs and delivers many different team building formats from outdoor events to indoor business games, with themes as diverse as military, art, fashion, film and history. 


Our Picture Perfect cross-functional art challenge is still a firm favourite with many clients.


We recently had the pleasure of staging a 200 person Picture Perfect event for the QLD Education Department where teams working cross-functionally produced a giant masterpiece from many separate canvasses.  It’s amazing what great teams can produce in only 2 hours when they collaborate, share and work towards a common purpose.


The image showcased not only, teamwork, leadership and communication behaviours but also cultural diversity with sanctioned Australian Indigenous, Maori and contemporary youth-oriented images and symbols.


Team building events can be a wonderful addition to an organisations people development and engagement strategies when well-planned to dovetail into their important values and themes.


We have so far delivered this activity format for groups as small as 5 and as large as 1500 with great success.

Team building Brisbane is enhanced with great activity options like this.


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