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Team Development Workshops Brisbane
Team Building Events Brisbane and Surrounds
Belbin Profiling Brisbane

Upgrade to a Team DNA session in Brisbane for lasting value

Team Development Brisbane
Team Building in Brisbane by Sabre

Best team building in Brisbane


Brisbane team building comes in many forms and those forms are fully covered by Sabre's extensive and high quality range of indoor and outdoor options.


We design team and leadership development events and activities for locations all over Brisbane ranging from leisure-based games to high-end team and leadership development.  Sabre designs and delivers many different styles of team building for Brisbane to suit your needs.

Sabre designs team-building programmes in Brisbane.   Our tailored approaches are assured to be fun and to help build positive team cultures with higher levels of engagement and understanding.

The term 'team building' is thrown about a lot these days, but it can mean quite different things to different people. Some think of simple leisure-based activities, whilst for others it infers sophisticated team and leadership development programmes.  At Sabre we cover the whole of that spectrum. Our team event options are conducted in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment. 

Sabre Corporate Development offers the widest range of team-building activities for Brisbane and The Gold Coast, including outdoor, indoor, problem-solving challenges, and communication exercises. These activities are designed to promote teamwork, enhance leadership skills, and improve overall team performance.

Our team-building programmes for ‘Brisi’ are all facilitated by highly experienced professionals who have a truly deep understanding of the dynamics of teams and are skilled at creating an atmosphere of trust, openness, and cooperation.


The Sabre team provides fun and effective team building activities for Brisbane and the Gold Coast region.  We aim to exceed client expectations whether aims are purely fun or to develop teams and leaders on a more long-term basis.

Belbin Team Building Brisbane


Great teams start with Belbin! The Belbin Team Role Model is the language of teamwork, and it enables individuals to better project and talk about their strengths in a productive, safe and non-confrontational way.  It also helps them to understand those of others.

We provide individual Belbin behavioural profiles, and team and numerous other useful reports as well as facilitated training and support.

By making use of Belbin in a team building workshop, individuals have a greater self-understanding of their own strengths, which leads to more effective communication between colleagues and managers. Teams can be better understood and improved, and everyone in that team can feel that they are making a difference in the workplace by better utilising their natural behaviours. 

It also works effectively with leadership and management development, conflict resolution, recruitment, career development, employee engagement and coaching. LEARN MORE

Team Building Brisbane
Team building for charity in Brisbane

Team Building for Charity and CSR in Brisbane


Giving back to the community in Brisbane with quality team building events thrown in as a bonus is increasing in popularity.


Sabre has been supporting charities as an organisation and with charity-based team building concepts in Brisbane since the 1990’s, and we now have a great range of options that enable meaningful legacies to be left from business conferences and events.


Our most popular charity team builds for Brisbane and the Gold Coast are:


TEAM TOY STORY: Teams initially compete in a wide range of Quest style team challenges to earn budgets. The big reveal is that budgets will be used at toy auctions held around the meeting room with toys boxed and immediately shipped to a range of worthy kid’s charities.


STREET SURVIVORS: With homelessness, and more particularly rough sleeping, at all time high charities supporting the homeless are under unprecedented pressures.  This concept starts as a Survivor parody that ends with shelter and useful items donated to charities.


GLOBAL ECO CHALLENGE: Climate change and the protection of eco-systems looms large for many these days, and this team challenge enables teams to compete in eco-themed tasks that are linked to donations for local wildlife charities.


WHOSE BIKE IS THIS ANYWAY: Whilst this concept of building kids bikes for charity has been a little overdone now, there are still some worthy charities that can put bikes to good use.  We can link the bike building to many of our best team event styles as required.


In addition to the obvious benefits to the community, large organisations now need to engage and retain Millennial and Gen Z employees, who demand greater awareness of social issues.  Combining team building with charity outcomes assists with this process.

Top 5 Team Building Ideas for the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions

Fun Brisbane team building ideas for indoors and outdoors


The Brisbane CBD and its surrounding areas are large enough to have a sophisticated city vibe, yet as a city it is also small and intimate enough to retain a friendly country town charm. It's also a great place to meet and to run team building events.  We've been doing it for clients since 1988.


Client’s can choose from a great mix of indoor and outdoor challenges, and the current Top 5 is a reflection of this.


1 - The Brisbane Quest

This has the “out and about” elements of an Amazing Race style of team build, but the Quest is more flexible and sophisticated,  not as clichéd as the reality TV knock-offs (although we do have those as well if you prefer them).  Brisbane CBD and by extension also the South Bank and Museum precincts can be perfect locations to site team challenges and tasks of myriad styles as part of a Quest.  We have also designed Quests to incorporate the funky Fortitude Valley and West End areas.

2 - Picture Perfect for indoor locations in Brisbane


Unity of purpose and a common outcome is the main aim of this great team building concept.  Cross-functional collaboration also looms large a theme with this team build.  Simply one of the best indoor conference team building activities there is, it can work in virtually any Brisbane meeting venue.  Whilst painting is the medium, you don’t have to be a Picasso to make it work, it’s more about collaboration, communication and seeing the ‘bigger picture’ together.   The completed masterpiece is a lasting reminder of what the team can do when they pull together, and looks great on office and boardroom walls.

3 - The Agency for indoor or out and about in Brisbane

Making your own TV Ads or short films can be a lot of laughs, and also a bit of a clever ‘Trojan Horse’ for injecting any key business themes and issues.  As a team building option for Brisbane, it’s also well suited to the Brisbane environment where novel locations in which to film simply abound.  Using your Brisbane hotel or conference venue as the base, teams head out to make their scripts and story boards become a reality in a real time project that will be remembered for years.

4 - Team DNA / Leadership DNA workshops in Brisbane


This sophisticated format is all about lasting impact and value, so actually transcends the usual one-off team building approaches by making use of behavioural profiles and tailored workshops as a prelude to any activity.  We use the renowned Belbin Team Role Model for its individual and team reports that give great insight into a team’s strengths and weaknesses.  If you are looking for team building in Brisbane that gives truly lasting value, this is the one to pick.

5 - Battlespace indoor business game in Brisbane



A highly sophisticated indoor business game with a military theme adapted for business that can impart tremendous insight to any team about how they operate.  It can work well stand alone, or in tandem with our Team DNA approach h to add greater depth and insight.  As a potential team building solution for Brisbane, it is easy to deploy this activity in any hotel or venue conference room.   Teams need to operate cross-functionally as a command decision-making team to make optimal and profitable use of time, resources and their people to win.


Click below to select by theme, learning outcome or indoor / outdoor.












  • Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

  • Brisbane Powerhouse

  • Gallery of Modern Art

  • Lightspace

  • Queensland Performing Arts Centre

  • Tattersalls Club

  • The Brisbane Club

  • The Triffid

  • Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

  • Roma Street Parklands

  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

  • Mt Cootha: 

  • JC Slaughter Falls

  • Simpsons Falls and Eugenia Circuit

  • Merthyr Bowls Club

  • New Farm Bowls Club

  • Riverlife

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