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team Building in Sydney can be a great success with Sabre Corporate Development
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Team Building Sydney with great indoor options

Team Building Activities in Sydney, NSW


Team Building in Sydney is well and truly covered by Sabre's wide range of exciting indoor and outdoor options.

Sabre Corporate Development, also known as Sabre Team Building, designs fun, engaging and meaningful team building options for Sydney and a wide range of clients.

Sabre Corporate Development is a team building company that has specialised in creating effective team building programs for organisations in Sydney, Australia since 1988.

Sabre offers a wide range of team building activities for Sydney locations that are designed to suit the specific needs of different organizations. We understand that every team is unique and requires a tailored approach to achieve their desired outcomes. Sydney team building activities include indoor and outdoor options, highly customised programs, and training workshops.

The team challenges we create for Sydney clients can range from out and about challenges to more sophisticated indoor business games or development sessions.

In addition to team building activities, Sabre Corporate Development also offers Belbin Team Role profiles and reports to suit the specific needs of different organizations. We work closely with clients to understand your unique challenges and develop a tailored program that addresses those challenges.

Sabre Corporate Development has a team of highly experienced facilitators who are passionate about helping organizations build effective teams. They are committed to providing a fun, inclusive and engaging environment that promotes teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Our team building programmes are designed to be challenging, but also fun and rewarding.

Sabre is an excellent choice for your team in Sydney, Australia. With a wide range of team building activities and customized programs, we are well-equipped to meet the unique needs of different organizations.



What are 5 popular choices for team building activities in Sydney, NSW?


In recent months we have found that the following approaches have been popular and have worked very well at a variety of hotel conference venues and other event venues in and around Sydney…


The Agency – Make your very own TV Commercials and short films


Battlespace – Indoor military themed business game


Kon Tiki – Innovative boat building challenge


Picture Perfect – Team cross-functional painting challenge


Team DNA – Tailored team development with Belbin Team Role profiles









Where in Sydney NSW can we do our team building activities?


Being a world-class city destination Sydney offers myriad locations for those seeking to have a team building challenge fit a good location.  Over the years we have designed suitable indoor and outdoor approaches for locations as diverse as….


  • Sydney CBD

  • The Rocks

  • Darling Harbour

  • Manly

  • Bondi Beach

  • Luna Park

  • North Sydney

  • Taronga Zoo

  • Parramatta CBD

  • The Blue Mountains



How can team building activities in Sydney NSW help us?

Having been designing team building for Sydney since 1988 we have many different approaches and can tailor our approaches to suit anything from purely fun activities to substantial team and leadership development.


Amongst the benefits from team building programmes available from us in Sydney are:

Build new teams.

Develop existing teams.

Engage, retain and develop staff.

Team, management and leadership development.

Celebrate Success.

Build team resilience.

Make off-sites and conferences more fun.

10 Fun Facts About Sydney


Sydney is a large and cosmopolitan city, with so much to offer. Despite most media on Sydney, it is not just the CBD that makes Sydney a great town, it’s also surrounded by vibrant and diverse regions ranging from the Northern Beaches to the Blue Mountains.

A population of some 5 million people inhabit the greater Sydney region, and of course millions pass through Sydney as local and international visitors and business tourists.

Here are 10 fun facts about the city of Sydney Australia. 


1. Vivid Festival in Sydney


Vivid is a major annual arts festival of lights where major attractions such as the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and major building, sculptures and parklands are ‘vividly’ illuminated.

One of our great ‘Quest’ team challenges can be tailored to take in the sights of Sydney by night, including Vivid.

2. There are more than 100 beaches in Sydney

Often known for the Harbour and CBD, there are also many scenic and famous beachside suburbs in and around Sydney, well over 100 of them in fact.

Sabre can tailor many great outdoor team building activities to take in the beaches and beach suburbs.

3. The Harbour Bridge is actually one of the biggest

steel arch structures in the world.

For something designed and built in the 1930’s it is truly amazing to think the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, also known as the Coathanger by locals, spans over 1600 feet in length.  This makes it one of the world’s longest and largest steel arch bridges.  Holding up many traffic lanes, a railway line and pedestrian walkways, many people get across this engineering marvel every day across the scenic Sydney Harbour.

The famous bridge has featured as a backdrop and thoroughfare for many Sabre team building events over the years.

4. Sydney is now a major multi-cultural hub

Rated as one of the worlds most multicultural and global cities with many residents having been born overseas, or as second or third generation immigrants.  

This gives Sydney a truly international and welcoming vibe.  One of our ‘Around the World in 80 Minutes’ team challenge events is ideally suited to a multi-national vibe.

5. Sydney Opera House was designed by a Dane

This is one of the world’s most recognisable buildings and many may not know that is was actually envisioned by a Danish architect named Jorn Utzon.

It hosts many performances each year ranging from symphonic to Australian alternative rock and is a wonderful backdrop for many of our Quest and Amazing Team Race formats.

6. Sydney Tower in the CBD

Towering above the CBD is The Sydney Tower Eye / Sydney Tower that reaches 1014 feet in height and is the 2nd tallest point to observe the world from in the Southern Hemisphere. 

We have nitrated this spectacular and very tall landmark into many of our out and about CBD team builds over the years.

7. The world’s first major city to welcome the New Year is Sydney

Proximity to the international dateline means that Sydney’s famous fireworks and harbourside celebrations are the first each year for any major world city.

The media tends to seize on this making the Sydney celebrations seen by billions across the world each New Year.


8. Sydney Harbour is actually the world’s largest natural harbour

With a wealth of colourful natural beauty, and now also man made prime real estate, Sydney Harbour with its single point of entry at the heads is also the world’s very largest natural harbour. 


Whether crossing on the famous Ferry service or on a  private boat, we can integrate the Harbour into many Sydney City team building scenarios.

9. The Blue mountains turn blue because of

the oil from eucalyptus trees

From the city of Sydney the famous Blue Mountains are so named because the oils released from the many Eucalypt forests combined with humidity and dust gives them a blue tinge.

 Filled with natural beauty and national parks the Blue Mountains region hosts many great conference and meeting venues where we have delivered team building programmes for clients.

10. Sydney holds the largest free sculpture

exhibition in the world

Since 1997 Bondi has hosted a massive free public sculpture exhibition that turns 1.2 miles of beach frontage into a gallery of over 100 sculptures.



Since 1988 we have enjoyed creating team and leadership development and classic team building options for our corporate, government, defence, education and NGO clients in and around this great city.




Sydney has some great beaches that can be used for team building events
Sydney team building for indoors and outdoors with Sabre
Sydney team building activities and ideas from Sabre Corporate Development
Sydney team building for indoors and outdoors with Sabre business games
Sydney team building for indoors with Sabre business games
Sydney team building for indoors with Sabre business games

Featured Video: Picture Perfect Team Challenge

Featured Video: The Belbin Team Role Model / Profiles

Nexus is a great networking team building game for Sydney venues with Sabre
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