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Canberra Amazing Race an example of a face to face team building comeback

With the recent doom and gloom in business events it has been a genuine light at the end of the tunnel to be delivering some face to face events for clients once more.

Locations such as Canberra, The Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Perth and Cairns have been slowly bouncing back with clients running off-sites and short team builds to reconnect their people.

For the energetic folks from CBRE in Canberra the weather turned out for the very best as they journeyed around the sites and attractions of Canberra as part of their highly tailored Canberra Amazing Race.

We feel sad for the many clients in Victoria and parts of NSW for whom the ability and desire to get ‘out and about’ is still very much restricted. Our clients in other regions with more flexibility have been getting back to events, just in smaller teams and for shorter durations.

Our online / Zoom based options such as the Online Team DNA format are still proving popular. For clients who wish to undertake meaningful team development yet still can’t get face to face, or are not yet quite comfortable doing so, these will remain a great option.


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