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Youth Leadership at Junior Council

We recently had the privilege of presenting to 130 student Junior Council leaders from 40 different schools.

These hand-picked Grade 10, 11 and 12 students embark upon a two-year journey as part of Junior Council to develop their leadership and public speaking skills whilst also learning about the process of government.

As part of the first session for 2018 students completed Belbin GetSet profiles that help students to better understand their strengths.

We then delivered an interactive session to explain and de-brief the profiles.

This was presented to address the student’s individual operating styles, the teams that they will be working in and also how to carry the insights back to school and ultimately beyond school into employment or higher study.

Sabre enjoys working with student groups and making use of Belbin’s unique ‘GetSet’ profiles that profoundly help them understand the strengths they bring to teamwork, leadership and their future vocations.

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