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Tailored team building and leadership development programmes.
Tailored leadership and team development programmes.

Mission Possible team building challenge


The Special Agent Raid


This highly tailored Special Agent raid will be one of the most unexpected, spectacular and hilarious things to be sprung at any of your meetings.


A team of fully equipped Special Agents in Black fatigues hilariously storm into the conference room and seize control in the midst of a bogus presentation (maintaining the secrecy can be a lot of fun for those who have organised the event).  The Sabre Special Agent team is highly experienced at delivering this introduction and mission brief with maximum hilarity and chaos. 


Troublemakers and hangover victims are singled out for some playful harassment.  The Senior Agent (company MD or VIP) may be introduced in full uniform (or driven into the room in a real Aston Martin DB5 James Bond Car if requested) to address their newly recruited agents.


Our experienced team uses a mixture of tried and proven methodologies to motivate, amuse and inform the team.  A rendition of the good old “Sound Off 1’2’” War Cry that has been written for the group is followed by your own Special Agent team’s full recruitment process.



Hand picked team building challenges for your mission


The activities and team development challenges that will be undertaken by the participants are selected (or designed from scratch) in accordance with your specific aims and objectives.  A sequential mission can be tailored for you from top to bottom for pure fun, or to mirror real workplace behaviors, situations and developments.  The mission may be as simple as to build the team’s skills and acquire equipment for a final secret demolition of competitor products, or a very complex journey that focuses upon specific product, training or developmental issues.


Sample Mission Activity Profile…


Photo Reconnaissance Challenges


  • Cryptic photograph portfolios with varying point values lead teams on a journey to replicate key images and their contents with limited time and space.



MI5 Master Conundrums


  • Team development and problem solving challenges of varying complexity that must be located and overcome by teams to acquire process skills along with crucial information and equipment for subsequent challenges.



You Must Be Kidding


  • Fun tests of team skill and bravado utilising the locations and infrastructure of the chosen venue.



Construct the Secret Weapon


  • Teams must design, obtain materials for and then construct a Top Secret device that fulfils detailed customer requirements for the completion of a mission critical function.



The team building challenges can be simply enjoyable and interactive, or complex project based tasks that demand genuine team based approaches and process skills.  Mission Possible activities have been used to illustrate many themes and issues for clients from many industries such as …


  • To have fun as a team with common goals and approaches

  • The will to win against all odds in a tough marketplace

  • Cross functional working and support

  • The importance of the bigger picture

  • Focusing your team’s firepower and talents

  • Leadership and team-working behaviors

  • Breaking down internal barriers to move forward together


…  along with many more themes and issues that have been relevant to the client and their people.  We select activities and approaches that are relevant to the people, their industry, their company and the forces that may impact upon them internally or externally.


So whether for pure fun, or structured outcomes, the activities that are undertaken by your people as part of their mission will be hand picked for you. 


All Sabre team activities and challenges have actually been developed by the Sabre team and our international partners to ensure originality and effectiveness.  The concepts are unique to Sabre and move well beyond the predictable spider web and ropes formula that delegates may have been over-exposed to previously. 


Teams may commence smaller missions as independent units and then progressively form alliances as they share equipment and manpower to form one united team for a final challenge.



Equipment and really big toys


Sabre can utilise some amazing props and equipment for this event in true James Bond style such as authentic classic Bond cars to a myriad of other motorised machines.  Sabre also has one of the largest privately owned collections of military vehicles and equipment in the Southern Hemisphere.  We have a lot of fun employing all of them in the delivery of our now world famous Mission Possible events.



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