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Know Thyself - Behavioural self-awareness

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Know Thyself

Individual behavioural profiles for conference sessions


“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”




Know Thyself was inscribed at the entrance of the famous Temple at Delphi, and has often been used to stress the importance of self-knowledge.


In the workplace an understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses, and the impact of our behaviour is key to communicating, building working relationships, dealing with conflict and also better understanding others.


In our ‘Know Thyself’ sessions we use individual Belbin profiles to enable people to interpret a profile based upon Self Perception, as well as potentially multiple external Observers.

- Individual Profiles

- Tailored interactive presentation and session

- Handouts and 'How To' guides

- Take-away insights and follow-through work
















Up to 14 different reports can be generated to provide immediate and evidence-based insight into behavioural impact and interactions in the workplace setting.


This can then be used as a powerful step up to enhanced self-knowledge and an ability to build better working relationships with others.


A profile also helps identify the types of work we are best suited to, and can then easily be extrapolated to team chemistry and team dynamics if required.

Duration: Can be tailored from 45 minutes to full day

Group Size: From 1 to 1000

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