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Why Team Building Australia?


The phrase “team building” certainly gets used with frequency in Australia, but is rarely fully understood. In fact, it gets used to describe many different approaches ( some accurately, and others not so accurately).


At Sabre, we take great pride in going beyond mere “words” as we deliver genuine and lasting value for each client in a number of key areas. From fun at a conference, to strategic team and management development we match our considerable experience to the genuine needs of each client to obtain the best results for their people and teams.


Experiential learning delivers best results when a provider can truly tailor their approaches to mirror the real world behavioural and process issues that impact the team. We work with clients to ensure lasting impact and value for the participants ongoing.


Clients have engaged us to design and deliver solutions for a myriad of reasons.


These include, but are certainly not limited to...


Team and Leadership Development


Conference and Meeting based Team Building Events


Retreats and Top Team Boosters


Culture and People Development


Project Team Boosters


Employee and Stakeholder Engagement Events


Cross Functional Networking


Change Management Initiatives


Roadshows for Employee Communication


Strategic Planning and Development Initiatives


Enhancement of existing Training Initiatives


Fun and Motivation (in both the good times and the bad times)



Working in partnership with you we can creatively address real world issues such as...


Team Diversity and Team Roles


Teams succeed or fail one relationship at a time and Sabre has considerable experience at crafting experiences to give people meaningful and lasting understanding of their own operating methods and an appreciation and tolerance for those of others. When brought to life in unique activities, the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams are linked to real world ways of working and achieving more effectively together.


Culture and People


Culture and morale are enhanced only when people effectively engage with and share in a collective sense of unity and purpose. Just simple bullet points of ‘wordy” values and visions are rarely remembered or lived by real people unless they are grounded in example and experience. Sabre designs experiences that give people an opportunity to really live the values and visions that you wish to define the organisations culture.


Task Overload


Real world pressures and changes regularly “task overload” individuals and teams who increasingly need to achieve more with less. Task Overload when left unrecognised and untreated can undermine even the most high performance team. We create activities that allow teams to recognise their indicators and solutions for task overload through effective communication and teamwork.


Cross Functional Collaboration


Teams working towards a common goal, but composed from across different functional groupings bring with them great opportunity, and also some unique challenges. We have specific activities and team based projects that enable teams to engage in meaningful cross-functional projects that mirror the strengths and pitfalls of cross functional working and enable links to solving real world challenges.


Big Picture Thinking


Human nature and real world pressures can sometimes serve as an obstacle to individuals and small teams trying to appreciate where they really fit into the “Bigger Picture”. Sabre has a number of unique challenges and approaches that are designed to get exactly this message across by requiring teams to force themselves to look beyond their immediate needs and achieve total team success at a higher level.


Improve Execution


Individual and team execution can bring about success or failure on a daily basis in organisations depending upon how well the implications of good or bad planning, briefing, execution and de briefing are understood at all levels. Sabre has the “Execution Excellence” package along with activities and experiences that enable teams to identify how they can execute better every day by working on the simplest skills.


Fun and Motivation


Sabre’s approaches all have fun and motivation as integral components, and this is a great mechanism for ensuring that events can be simply fun and engaging for a group, or that when required, the serious learning and development content is actually memorable and effective. One of the cornerstones of effective experiential learning is always “intelligent and justifiable fun”.


Fish, Cheese, Brain Instruments and Other Stuff


We all know that there are a myriad of management books, models and theories out there. Some are “flash in the pan fads” whilst others have gems of wisdom that change the way individuals and teams think, act and work together. We certainly prefer the latter, and have the flexibility and experience to be able to tailor or design approaches that will re enforce your preferred models, books or chosen theoretical underpinning.


Creativity and Innovation


Lots of people talk about it, but can everyone do it? A team certainly can, if they are aware of how to tap into the creative process so that those naturally pre disposed to creativity are given the opportunity to run with it, and those that are not can be properly brought into the process so that all ideas are harnessed for “full spectrum” and “pragmatic” creativity and innovation. We have some great activities in this area.




Change is now somewhat of a constant in the business world and we have a range of activities that go beyond just incorporating the “word” change, but rather are fully designed to inject changes at various levels into complex “real time” projects. Different people react in different ways, and at different speeds to change and so our activities in this area are designed with this in mind to bring real understanding to the change process.




We have numerous activities and team projects that powerfully emphasise the advantages and challenges of communication at all levels. Person to person, team to team and organisational level communication can be explored in high quality real time projects that bring to life the advantages of effective communication, and the consequences of failing to communicate effectively.


Customer Focus


A number of highly engaging and meaningful business games and challenges within our portfolio enable teams to experience customer interactions (both good and bad) with real time outcomes for well or poorly handled customers. Experiences can be fun and versatile whilst emphasising the centrality of customer satisfaction to sustainable profitability and success.




There are some highly memorable, novel and engaging activities within our range that genuinely allow people to network, enhance relationships and just simply “get to know” one another. These can be simply quick introductions at the front end of a meeting, or large scale and major project based team challenges or business games that get people interacting over a longer and more intense period.


Get a Message Across / “Trojan Horse” Messages“


Death by PowerPoint” and expensive video clips don’t always have the lasting impact being sought by management upon experienced conference veterans, so why not convey your messages in a tailored and memorable way with a team event? People talk about, remember and benefit from quality experiences for far longer than the PowerPoint they slept through because they had a hangover or other things on their mind.


Overcome Challenging Times


When the going gets tough, the tough can really get going if teamwork, communication, leadership and culture are actually lived, re enforced and valued during tough times. All too often external pressure can divert focus away from the “people focus” that can actually help an organisation thrive and survive in tough times. We have some great business simulations and activities that focus on surviving tough times intact.


Tell us what you want to achieve?


If you have not seen what you are looking for, please let us know and tell us what you want to achieve. Many of Sabre’s best approaches and insights have been created by us responding to a challenging client brief, so don’t be afraid to present us with what you and your team are seeking to achieve and we can then respond to you with ideas and solutions created to suit your specific needs.


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