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When in Rome is a great indoor business game
Team building indoors with When In Rome the team business game

When In Rome Team Building Business Game.


Recruited by some noisy Romans, who also deliver a lively introduction on the glories of Rome, your team is quickly thrust into an exciting hands-on team building business game.


Fight battles, trade exotic goods, negotiate at the forum, be entertained at the arena and build the most profitable empire by making the best use of available resources.


This unique teambuilding journey into the glory and the business of Rome is tailored to suit your needs whether pure conference fun and adventure, or for carefully designed business learning outcomes.


Teams undertake fun hands on challenges that include the risky conquest of new territory, consolidation of those gains, customer satisfaction (for the people and senate of Rome) and the progressive enhancement of their empire.


Vigorous trading and commerce will follow along with technical, social and economic developments necessary to maintain the empire. Team members will be responsible for highly interdependent functions that must be carefully co-ordinated to ensure that the common goal of the team is reached.


Each potential new territory has strengths, weakness and opportunities that must be carefully considered before deciding which path to take in each campaign season. The dynamics of risk versus reward, treaty or conquest, short term versus long-term profitability all need to be weighed. Having a vision and creating opportunities is part of the solution, but unifying all elements of your command team for great execution and consolidation to ensure longevity of those opportunities is also vital. Balancing time and resources between chasing new conquests, and re-investing in the consolidation of what you already have will be essential for sustained “customer satisfaction” as changes, and unexpected twists occur during the campaigning seasons.


Campaigning seasons include consulting wise Oracles for strategic intelligence, weighing up options from all sources, visiting the Centurions to conduct treaty negotiations or dynamic conquest and then ultimately experiencing the life and chaos of the Forum with trading, negotiation, politicking, entertainments and perhaps even some gladiatorial combat with other teams.


Teams will accrue gold for captured territories and trade goods, treaties negotiated, settlements built, innovations developed, prestige points from game conduct and ultimately the will of their own citizens and senate to acknowledge their achievements.

Who will win by having the most profitable and successful empire?


Some Key Themes:


  •  Teamwork

  •  Planning, Strategy and Vision

  •  Turning Visions into actual Execution

  •  Risk versus Reward

  •  Cross-Functional collaboration

  •  Seizing opportunities

  •  Ensure opportunities are consolidated and followed through

  •  Negotiation

  •  The value of diversity within teams

  •  Learning from experience and rolling out that learning

  •  Making the best use of information and resources

  •  Customer focus

  •  Balancing short term profitability and long term stability

  •  Dealing with change


These are all things that the Roman Empire did well as it grew from

small city-state to a massive empire, and during this event many business parallels may be made as overtly or covertly as your needs dictate during this team building challenge. 



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