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Theme Park Team Building on the Gold Coast

The logo for sabre's beach Olympics team building challenge

Sabre are the Official Team Building Partner for Village Roadshow Theme Parks.

Team Building on the Gold Coast can be a wonderful experience with great games, activities and programmes tailored for Village Roadshow theme parks Movie World, Seaworld, Wet n Wild and Paradise Country.

Sabre facilitators have sanctioned access to the Parks to deliver great team building packages in partnership with Village Roadshow Theme parks including team building activities, park entry, trained facilitators, prizes and food and beverage options.

Team Building at Movie World Gold Coast

Sabre has partnered with Village Roadshow Theme Parks to create a truly unique suite of team building experiences that suit each of the major theme parks and their major attractions.


A novel and exciting location can be a powerful enabler for not just fun and bonding, but also for meaningful outcomes and business objectives.  


With this in mind, we have a range of fun approaches as well as sophisticated business games, simulations and development oriented programmes that can be delivered within the parks.  Great food, beverage and entertainment options are also on offer in tandem with the activity components to create a total event solution.


For Gold Coast team building solutions, these offer a potent approach that blends the very best that each park has to offer as well as Sabre's decades of team building and development experience.  





Intro Team Building
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