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The Quest is a great team building challenge for resorts and bcd locations.
Teams can have a load of fun on a Quest team building activity.

The Quest team building activities


Get out and about in your chosen destination with one of the worlds most creative and acclaimed conference team building challenge events. 


The Quest is a multi faceted team project that requires diverse approaches to some creative and unique challenges.  It can be adapted to suit virtually any location in the world, and we have used it to suit everything from fun to substantial team and management development outcomes.  We extensively tailor each Quest and its team activity content to suit your specific needs and objectives. 


It can be a simple fun adventure around your chosen destination, or a very carefully tailored and complex team project that mirrors real business issues with complex challenge inclusions.


Within a highly original and enjoyable format we challenge teams with a huge variety of profitable opportunities to seek, but with limited time and resources atop numerous constraints and unexpected obstacles.  There is an over abundance of opportunities and not enough time and resources, so each team must plan and prioritise for maximum results.  Sabre’s Quest event has evolved with many different themes as one of our most popular, versatile and effective conference concepts.  Challenge your own teams with it, and you’ll see why.


Quest activity and team challenge categories


Teams will be issued with Quest equipment and information packs containing cameras, booklets, maps, challenge portfolios and special items related to compulsory challenge categories.  Each team will need to achieve a minimum standard and plan its own approach to the Quest.  The actual activities are hand picked and tailored to suit the needs of each client.  


Three of the major activity categories that are tailored to suit your group, destination and objectives are Reflections, Let’s Get Serious and You Must Be Kidding.



  • Cryptic Polaroid photographs with complex subjects, locations and props are compiled into portfolios that offer varying dollar values to the team for their level of difficulty.  Dollar values are awarded only in accordance with strict assessment criteria, and of course the level of customer satisfaction.  Planning, creativity and time and space considerations will contribute to the level of success.


Let’s Get Serious

  • Team challenge tasks and problem solving team building activities are hand picked to match your needs and then strategically placed around your venue.  Tasks can vary in nature from short fun activities to highly structured projects that creatively mirror business and behavioural issues.  Sabre’s original team challenge tasks are unique to our Programmes and go far beyond the predictable spider web and string and bucket games.  We will select from our extensive range of tasks to meet your needs.


You Must Be Kidding!

  • Highly exotic, amusing and diverse tests of team skill and bravado are listed from our extensive range as well as special destination and location specific experiences.  This category features everything from the sublime to the ridiculous and requires teams to plan, prioritise and consider what exactly they are prepared to do to win.  It’s quite amazing what people are prepared to do when the morale and motivation that comes with being a united team takes hold.


Destinations and Venues


Quest team building events have been developed for both large and small groups throughout the world.  Bustling CBDs, tropical island resorts, strings of country towns and virtually any location you care to visit can suit a Quest event for your team.


So far Quests have been conducted in Australia, Singapore, Fiji, Malaysia, Thailand, Hawaii, The Bahamas, Great Britain, Thailand, Portugal and Egypt. 




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