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Strike Force team building activity for conferences, off-sites and learning and development
Team building activity with a military for conferences, off-sites and learning and development

Strike Force Team Building Activity


The Strike Force delivers team and organisational focus with real firepower and unforgettable impact via a corporate military team building theme.  Delegates are recruited in an hilarious surprise commando raid and briefed. 


Issued with fatigues, dog tags* and special equipment each team embarks upon exciting tailored missions and challenges that culminate in a united assault on enemy HQ. Also take away genuine military planning, briefing and execution tools for your business.  We can even blow up opposition products with spectacular pyrotechnics*.  A sensational way to deliver a message and impress the team.  Be the number one force on the battlefield.





This highly tailored raid will be one of the most unexpected, spectacular and hilarious things to be sprung at any of your meetings.A team of fully equipped commandos in cammouflauge fatigues hilariously storm into the conference room and seize control in the midst of a bogus presentation (maintaining the secrecy can be a lot of fun for those who have organised the event).  The Sabre team is highly experienced at delivering this introduction and mission brief with maximum hilarity and chaos. 


Troublemakers and hangover victims are singled out for some playful harassment.  A Senior Agent (company MD or VIP) may be introduced in full General’s regalia (or atop a real Scorpion tank*) to address their newly recruited troops.


Our experienced team uses a mixture of tried and proven methodologies to motivate, amuse and inform the team.  A rendition of the good old “Sound Off 1’2’” War Cry that has been written for the group is followed by your own Special Agent team’s full recruitment process.




To extensively tailor the Strike Force concept so that it dovetails with your specific conference, team and organisational themes and issues. 


The Strike Force concept has a myriad of potential team building scenarios and activity categories that are hand picked and crafted into the event to address issues as diverse as teamwork, leadership, planning, individual and team execution, cross-functional collaboration, common focus and goals, overcoming new challenges, managing change, team dynamics and diversity along with many other themes and issues that may be desired for inclusion by a client. 


The military theme can be simply utilised as a great theme within which to deliver some team based fun, or heavily drawn upon for cutting edge planning, briefing, execution and de-brief tools for real world application.  Each Strike Force is tailored to suit the needs of the client group!


Designed and powerfully delivered by highly experienced male and female facilitators, this concept will be the most talked about element of the conference.  The concept can be delivered easily at any hotel resort location, our dedicated Strike Force HQ complex or any appropriate location that a client may wish to utilise. 


We have delivered this team building concept for groups as small as 6, and as large as 1500.  The level of complexity and nature of team challenges can be hand picked and tailored as required to suit the selected venue, group and naturally the desired outcomes and objectives.


Our comprehensive range of original team based challenges and concepts enables us to design exciting indoor or outdoor versions of this event.  This event is highly inclusive for all levels of fitness, all ages and genders.


“Know yourself, know your enemy, and you need never fear the outcome of 100 battles”.


Sun Tzu




Surprise commando recruiting raid and routine.


Uniforms and personalised dog tags* for your troops.


Highly focused team missions re-enforcing your themes.


Spectacular final united team assault on enemy HQ.


Optional pyrotechnics and special effects*.


Unforgettable experiences, tailored content and a unique event!

Team Roles and Diversity

The Strike Force has such a myriad of different challenge styles that many different types of team role contribution are essential for a balanced and profitable approach to the challenge.  Team members will find it essential that different team role styles come forward at the right times to deal with different aspects of the challenge.  Leading, Thinking, Doing, Supporting and Challenging roles are needed at different times.  Models such as Belbin, Myers Briggs or DISC are well re-enforced here.


Overcoming Task Overload

The team is overloaded with potential point winning challenges, but must quickly plan and prioritise how they will actually go about attacking the challenge.  Failure to use good systems, cross checks and teamwork will lead to teams falling into the activity trap and becoming task focused at the expense of the bigger picture objective.


Cross-Functional Working

We can design this event so that teams are required to engage in some cross-functional sharing of ideas and equipment to enable them to complete the project with greater speed, profitability or effectiveness.  We can design the event so that failure to do so will greatly reduce profitability.  The final challenge can require all teams to unite for the final assault illustrating that it is only concentration of firepower that is effective in the battlefield.


Bigger Picture Thinking

If we provide all teams with an overall united challenge or outcome, but leave temptations to focus only upon the execution of their own team objective only, issues of Big Picture versus Micro thinking will come into play as teams need to address not only their own project, but also those of other teams to ensure overall success.


Improve Execution

The winning approach to the challenge will require not only the great plans and systems that teams will devise, but they must be followed through into effective and timely execution if the ideas and approaches are to be converted into real and workable outcomes.  Good teams will follow a model such as Plan – Brief – Execute and De-Brief throughout.


Fun and Motivation

The Strike Force is a high energy, high interaction and high fun challenge.  Teams have a great deal of fun, and motivate one another a great deal towards completion within the timeframes permitted.



Changes to technical information, deadlines and other mission critical elements can be injected at various times to mirror real world issues and themes.  Failure to quickly adapt to the changes will result in losses and adverse outcomes for the team.


Re-Enforce Conference Content

Team, company and product related themes and issues can easily be incorporated into the event as either a focus for the project itself or subtly integrated throughout various activity categories.

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