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Social Distance Team Building Activities

Social Distance Team Building

We don’t need to be in one another’s pockets at the office to be a great team, so why would we do that at a team building session?

Even when face to face meetings return social distancing measures look set to remain in place for some time. Luckily we have great team building options that will take this new reality into account.

As meetings and conferences slowly return proximity-based team building will take longer to return. Sabre has therefore designed new approaches, and also modified existing ones to enable quality activities to unfold whilst observing social distance protocols.


The behavioural team dynamics that unfold when team members contribute to decision-making, problem solving and working relationships occur quite well at the required social distance, if you have the right activity design.

There are high quality indoor and outdoor options that will allow your teams to reconnect safely with one another, have some fun and also achieve meaningful outcomes. Strong teams and working relationships will be more important than ever in the new workplace reality that we will all face post shutdown.

There is also a range to suit all budgets and levels of delivery. Everything from serious fun to serious outcomes.

If your teams remain purely online / remote working then we also have some great Online Team Building approaches.

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