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Remote Team Building

‘Remote Team Building’ solutions 

If circumstances have your teams working from home, and important meetings are postponed, Belbin can help build and bond your teams.


For many years Belbin has been used to provide evidence-based team building capabilities for remote working teams who may have never even met.


If your team can’t get face to face for any reason (e.g. geographic isolation, viruses, natural disasters) then Belbin can work effectively to build and develop understanding and team capability.

STEP: 1 – Complete Individual Belbin profiles and reports online


Team members can complete Self Perception inventories online, and also invite Observers for 360-degree input.


Free resources such as handouts and guides to help interpret your own profiles and reports can also be easily downloaded from our websites.

STEP 2: - Compose Team and Working Relationship Reports


Data from individual profiles and reports are used to create comprehensive and insightful team reports. These illustrate the chemistry of the team in terms of what behaviours are present along with strengths and weaknesses.

STEP 3: - Conduct a team building meeting including activities online


Your team can have a meeting via their screens to share and discuss the profiles and reports, personalise the insights to help with real world projects and ongoing team development issues.

The team can even undertake meaningful activities and scenarios to bring the information to life and to raise important de-brief and learning points via challenges such as our…

Team Circle Exercise

Famous Team Scenario

Dream Project Team Challenge



A clever use of Belbin and our exercises can enable a team to make meaningful progress in team building and team development even if they cannot get face to face.


The benefits of such sessions and workshops will enhance team understanding and performance when working remotely, and when the team re-unites face to face.


To find out more call 1300 731 381 or email

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