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Psychological Safety Workshop

Psychological Safety Workshop

Psychological Safety Workshop


Building psychological safety in teams is all about fostering an environment where members feel comfortable expressing themselves, taking risks, and contributing their best. 

The Belbin Team Roles model and a facilitated workshop offers a structured approach to understanding team dynamics and optimizing team performance. It can significantly contribute to enhancing psychological safety. 

The Psychological Safety Workshop:

  1. Individual and Team Belbin reports are composed before the workshop.

  2. Insights and data from the reports are used to tailor the workshop.

  3. Deliver tailored 2 hour or half day interactive workshop.


The workshop is aimed at walking away with real strategies for developing quality ‘working relationships’ that enable each person to more confidently project their strengths and have the impacts of weaknesses understood and managed in concert with others in the team.

How does The Belbin model and its Reports help to build psychological safety in a team?

  • Understanding my place in the team and that of others

  • Balanced Team Performance

  • Encouraging Open Communication

  • Building Trust

  • Managing Conflict Constructively


The Belbin Team Roles along with individual and team reports serve as a practical framework for building psychological safety by promoting mutual understanding, balanced participation, trust, open communication, and constructive conflict resolution within teams. 


By applying these principles, teams can create an environment where individuals feel empowered to contribute their best work without fear of criticism or rejection, ultimately enhancing team cohesion and performance.


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