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‘Ye Olde Hand Sanitizer’: The must have item for our new Social Distance Team Building kits

Only months ago we’d have relegated any burning desire to stock hand sanitizer to our mates with OCD or to the germophobes in the office, but not these days.

Our new Social Distance Team Building approaches will see us add quality hand sanitizer to our existing OHS related pack items of sunscreen and bug spray.

Whilst our new post lockdown activity formats will include social distancing protocols, this potent liquid component of the new norm will be at hand to keep everyone doubly safe.

Nothing replaces face to face team building, and whilst we have used some good online approaches that suit some clients, the limitations of onscreen dynamics can actually be harmful to individual mental wellness and working relationships.

There is a great BBC article on the science that points out the limitations and fatigue of online chats and meetings.

So bring on those face to face events, even with the social distance protocols.

We are ready to go!


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