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'When In Rome' is one of our best business games / simulations for team and leadership development

The old expression “when in Rome do as the Romans do” resonates strongly with the many great lessons about resilience, opportunity and leadership to be found in the tales of ancient Rome.

Our business game ‘When In Rome’ is set at Rome’s zenith, when it balanced risk and opportunity in the most profitable and stable way.

Teams in this game will need to do the same if they wish to win and expand their own Empires. Roles within the team will include political, military, trading and financial ones, each being quite interdependent for the success of the total team.

The Romans were quite adept at expanding an Empire in a profitable way, with many fine examples of courageous and visionary leadership. The corollary of this of course are the many tragic examples of poor leadership and the occasional military disaster.

Despite many ups and downs, the Romans would also often create systems and institutions that could be stronger than people when it came to its less capable Emperors. Thus there are many potential lessons to be drawn from Rome’s military, commercial and cultural wins and losses. Another thing that they often did well was to learn from their mistakes, innovate and occasionally absorb the best ideas of others and turn them to their own advantage.

Teamwork and unity of purpose profoundly underpinned Roman successes, and during the course of the game we bring these virtues well and truly to life with colour, interaction and fun.

A series of sophisticated challenges and twists throughout the seasons of the game draw out great opportunity for de-brief and review. This can be especially profound if participants have also completed Belbin behavioural profiles for one of our 'Team DNA' upgraded formats.


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