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'When in Rome' is a great competitive team building game

The Sabre team loves to deliver our ‘When in Rome’ business game to clients. We had a great time today working with an energetic client team in Brisbane at the Grand Chancellor.

History, ancient Rome especially, is such a rich source of fun and metaphor for targeting teamwork, leadership and building a successful and profitable empire. There’s far more to this great activity than dressing up in togas (although that is a lot of fun) as teams need to master the trade and commerce, military and civilisation building aspects of ancient Roman life.

Conquering territory is just the start of the challenge, consolidating and hanging onto it long-term is also important and maximising its growth and profitability is the aim. Many potential pitfalls exist as teams are initially task and information overloaded. Quality teamwork and leadership is the only way to beat this overload and progress to success and long-term profitability.

The When in Rome business game pairs very well with a workshop on deeper team development aspects such as the Belbin team Role Model that can meaningfully explore behavioural strengths and weaknesses in teams.

The winning team is always the team that balances the diversity of its team members best, and balances the planning and execution aspects of this challenging and competitive team game.

To find out how we can tailor a When in Rome game for your teams please get in touch:

T – 1300 731 381

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