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What's in the box? Online team building fun with 'Versagility'

Remote working can get a bit dull, so when you are sick of those screen shots of people's cats and silly hats, here's a fun online game option for your teams.

As a stand-alone game Versagility can be a load of fun. Designed to bring our different talents and behavioural styles it can break the ice and help build relationships and morale online. We can also team this up with online behavioural profiles to add some truly lasting value and insight when desired.

It can be tailored to use common household items, or better still, we can mail a big box of goodies, props and instructions to each team member.

The game can be run using small sub-teams to select from a variety of task categories, as well as individual challenges for completion online and offline. It can be delivered in one session or spread across multiple sessions with accumulating points.


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