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We Survived 2020

We Survived 2020 thanks to our wonderful team and loyal clients

What a year huh?

2020 has been a tumultuous year with challenges and changes. We have enormous gratitude as we arrive at the tail end of this year with our team intact, high morale and some great new tricks up our sleeve.

Many thanks to our valued clients who continued to engage with us during the worst periods of the lockdowns on remote sessions using Belbin tools and some modified Sabre approaches.

Thanks go also to those clients, initially in QLD and the ACT, and now other locations as well, who were able to take courageous steps back to the face-to-face event formats. As we know the live events are always best, but we were grateful for the ability to deliver remote ones.

We look forward to a 2021 with more live events returning, yet keeping the online and hybrid programmes ready to go as required.

It is with great sadness though that we have witnessed many good and honest operators in the business events and tourism sector struggle. Even sadder to see some lose wonderful people (many of whom have become great mates over the years) to the economic impacts of the pandemic.

Things do look up for 2021 in many ways, indeed the need for reconnecting teams and leaders as the pandemic dissipates will likely keep us busy.

Once again, we are deeply grateful for this, and remain thankful to our wonderful team and loyal clients who have all helped us to build the bridge across the dramas thrown under us in 2020.

Here's to a Merry Christmas and far better 2021 for all!


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