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We Nailed It! - Or Did We?

Ever try to replicate a masterpiece or that seemingly simple online hack or five-minute craft? How did that turn out for you?

Let us throw some complex challenges at your team and see how they do.

In our team challenge ‘We Nailed It”, hand picked challenges are distributed to team members in sealed boxes. Teams will need to allocate one to each person based only on the broad types of behavioural skills described, and not the hidden task specifics.

Once the buzzer sounds boxes can be ripped open and the nature of each challenge is revealed. Before the deadline each task needs to be completed as closely as possible to replicate the actual masterpiece or craftwork being set as the exemplar. The results are always hilarious.

Invariably the phrase “We Nailed It’ is the hilarious epitome of irony.

This activity can be delivered at a purely fun level with hands-on tasks only, or we can dovetail this into our Team DNA approach with individual and team profiles.

This activity is also part of our Social Distance Team Building and Zero Contact Team Building range options friendly for post pandemic protocols.


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