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Virtual / Online Team Building Workshops

For many teams remaining online and working remotely is still a reality. This represents ongoing challenges for those seeking to maintain quality working relationships and performance whilst working at a distance.

Online tools like Zoom and Teams have helped to keep projects and day-to-day work viable through lock downs, and for that most are grateful, but the downsides are obvious.

The physical chemistry of in-person working is lacking, as are many subtle verbal and non-verbal signals that unfold effortlessly when face-to-face, but are impeded by online mediums. The potential for poor communication, poor understanding and breakdowns in relationships looms larger in virtual or hybrid teams.

Our online Belbin Workshops and Team DNA workshops help people to better understand and leverage their strengths as individuals and collectively. This can be used to help overcome some of the inter-personal limitations of working remotely, and build teams, even if hybrid or fully online.

Quality team development can still occur whilst working remotely, it just needs to via reliable and evidence-based approaches that can still work effectively online.

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