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Triple Challenge for HSBC on the Gold Coast

A linked trilogy of team building concepts have been tailored to suit key conference and business messages for HSBC.

With some top Gold Coast Spring days to help us along, HSBC teams engaged first in Nexus, our accelerated networking game, then deploying into our quite challenging ‘Operation Rollerball’ challenge.

Teams set up their construction zones in Jaraparilla Cove parklands adjacent to the Marriott then built some clever and complex devices. Rollerball is a major project-based challenge that brings out the best in teams..

On the second day we saw freshly composed teams plan and then embark upon a tailored Quest journey in and around Surfers Paradise beaches and tourist precincts. There were plenty of tailored tasks and challenges that allowed teams to achieve teaming goals amidst the colour and fun of the GC.

After some high scoring winners took the top prizes for the day, HSBC wrapped up the theme of ‘challenge’ with colourful speaker Steven Bradbury, one of Australia’s most inspiring Olympians and sporting speakers.

A tailored trilogy of concepts such as this can enable individuals and teams to build and develop upon their networking, and team development across an entire conference with greater impact than a simple one-off team build.

We have enjoyed working with the great folks of HSBC and thank them for entrusting their people to us.


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