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Tribal Survivor Team Building

Tribal Survivor Team Building by Sabre

It’s amazing just how many clients are still keen to run parodies of classic reality TV formats at their conferences and off-sites, such as Tribal Survivor Team Building.

Our tailored Tribal Survivor and The Amazing Team Race formats continue to be requested for team building event options at client conferences and off-sites.

Such simple fun formats still have their place and can aid with basic team bonding and enjoyment to boost a meeting or conference, but they should never be confused with genuine team development processes.

The Tribal Survivor format has teams competing in a wide range of indoor and outdoor team challenge tasks to gain immunity points and resources. Eventually teams gather at Tribal Council where after a points tally, all but the winning team has their torch ceremoniously extinguished.

We also have versions of these approaches that can be adapted to help give back to charity and the community such as our ‘Street Survivors’ programme that aids the Homeless.

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