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The Synergy of Belbin and Experiential Learning: Unleashing Collective Potential

Belbin and Experiential learning for maximum impact and outcomes

Belbin Team Roles and Experiential Learning are a potent combination for unlocking potential within individuals and teams.

Belbin reports provide evidence-based insights into strengths and weaknesses, experiential learning brings the behaviours to life for clearer observation, de-briefing and linkage to real world outcomes.

Beware what activities you select, as not just any string and bucket team building game will achieve the required impact. The experiential projects need to be sophisticated enough to draw out the behaviours in a meaningful way.

Belbin Team Roles: A Foundation for Success

The Belbin Team Role Model, developed by Dr. Meredith Belbin, identifies 9 distinct behavioural Team Roles that people naturally gravitate towards in varying strength when in a team setting. From the Plant's innovative ideas to the Shaper's drive for results, each role style contributes a unique perspective and strength to teamwork. Cognitive diversity in action.

When harnessed effectively, these roles help to form a cohesive and balanced team that will capitalise on the strengths of every team member.

Belbin provides the insights and the language that will enable ongoing workplace follow-through that delivers practical results well past the planned workshop or event.

Experiential Learning: Bridging Theory and Practice

Experiential learning is an immersive approach that emphasises hands-on team experiences and activities as a tool for learning. It encourages active participation, reflection, and application of acquired knowledge back in real-world scenarios.

With well-designed activities this process empowers individuals and teams to learn from their actions, leading to deeper understanding and increased retention carried back into the workplace.

Quality team challenges and business games that are designed with workplace behaviours in mind will build bridges between Team Role Theory and real-world outcomes.

The Power of Synergy: Linking Insight to Real World

Combining Belbin Team Roles with Experiential Learning creates a more powerful dynamic for learning and transferral to real-world processes and performance.

Team members discover their natural roles first-hand, and learn to appreciate the strengths of others in real time. This enhanced mutual understanding fosters trust, respect, and effective communication. It can also accelerate the team development process and the growth of psychological safety.

Furthermore, experiential learning provides a platform for teams to practice and refine their roles in a controlled and relatively consequence free environment. This leads to improved self-awareness and the ability to adapt to different situations, resulting in a more agile and responsive team.

Experiential team challenges allow for team development in a less risky environment than if experimentation with the team process was to occur on a real-world project, yet it powerfully links insights to those real-world projects.

Teams can more quickly realign strategies and leverage the strengths of each team member to address new challenges back at work as they have already ‘war gamed’ the process in unfamiliar yet safe territory. The fusion of Belbin Team Roles and experiential learning is a transformative force in modern team development. It empowers individuals to understand and leverage their unique strengths while cultivating a collaborative, adaptable, and innovative team culture.

The Right Activities

For many years Sabre has been designing and delivering high-end experiential learning programmes in tandem with Belbin Team Role theory and practice.

We design activities, business games and simulations that draw out workplace behaviours for observation, feedback and pragmatic follow-through back at work.

The best solutions are those that engage team members across all spectrums of age, gender, fitness level and of course Team Role style. To select the wrong activity, or to make use of a tired old game formula that is too simplistic, risks favouring only one or just a handful of styles. This risks marginalising those not required for success, and also failure to recognise diversity within a team.

The best activities for experiential learning outcomes

Sabre experiential learning solutions and Belbin

To find out more about how we combine Belbin and sophisticated experiential learning in our ‘Team DNA’ approaches contact us:

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