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Teams enjoy watching their own movies on the ‘Big Screen’

To set out as a team and make your own quality short film is quite a challenge.

It demands a balanced team approach to move through the initial creative phases into the detailed planning, organisation and execution of the task. As a genuine real time project it demands a range of behavioural, project and time management skills.

We recently had the pleasure of working with 110 of the lovely folks from Roberts & Morrow in Armidale New England who took on the challenge of our great film-making event ‘The Agency’.

Each team had limited time to attend important skills workshops on scripting and story-boarding before accessing and mastering their technical equipment, assembling their costumes and make-up then heading out and about on location to film.

The aim was to intelligently and humorously integrate key business and organisational themes with all completed films ‘in the can’ by the appointed deadline ready for the big ‘film festival’ and our coveted ‘Golden Gnome Awards’.

A screening of all films in a real cinema complete with popcorn and choc tops finished off a great team building challenge. Our team even got to work as projectionists, under very close supervision of course.

Plenty of great messages and laughs, and above all wonderful teamwork from a great bunch of professionals.


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