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TeamFlix: Has your team got a cracking idea for a new streaming series?

Does your team have the creativity, organisational skill and tenacity to create their own hit TV / Streaming series?

Have you ever binge watched a cool series on a streaming service? Have you ever had a cracking idea for a new series or content of your own?

Would it be Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Period Drama, Western, War or a biting Political Satire?

In this challenge teams will attend important skills workshops (brainstorming, scripting, story and mood boarding etc) and then create, produce and start in a trailer for their own new series playfully incorporating conference, company or product themes.

Our Film and TV based team building approaches are a great medium for getting people to let their hair down whilst intelligently addressing your desired messages and themes. We can tailor and pitch them at a purely fun level, or integrate evidence-based behavioural profiling and team development prior to the challenge itself.

Within designated product and service themes or as an outright parody of an existing genre, the end result when screened will provide plenty of laughs.

These are also a great ‘Trojan Horse’ for important messages and themes.

Which team will have their idea for a series come out on top?


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