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Team DNA: Lasting value rather than just a one-off buzz

Team DNA offers far more than just a ‘one off’ event, it actually teaches teams how to accelerate their own development.

How many times have people returned from an all ‘bells and whistles’ off-site that provides a short-term buzz, only to see a rapid return to bad habits within a week of being back at work?

Our Team DNA workshops deliver far more than just one-off fun and engagement, they will equip individuals and teams with evidence-based insight and impacts for far beyond the day.

Pre-work includes detailed Belbin Individual and Team profiles and reports that capture an accurate measure of behavioural strengths and weaknesses. This informs the way that the programme is delivered and followed-up.

Whilst the activity content is great fun, it is also carefully pitched to link the behavioural insights to real-world outcomes in a way that people will actually be able to use at work.

The Belbin Model and tools that we use provide a language to explore actual behavioural strengths and weaknesses at work. Importantly individuals and teams develop pragmatic steps to enhance team understanding and performance back at work.

The Team DNA approaches are never an off the shelf affair, rather they are highly tailored to suit the needs of each team and the individuals within it.

To find out more please feel free to give us a call on 1300 731 381 or email us on


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