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Team Building record broken by KPMG in Canberra

Team building by Sabre with KPMG in Canberra Australia

World record score for the business game 'Battlespace' now held by a team from KPMG

We have been fortunate to work with a great variety of government, corporate, defence and NGO clients in Canberra during recent months.

Our latest Canberra programme was for 120 of the talented folks of KPMG at the historic Hyatt Canberra.

On a rather smoke laden Canberra day (due to recent bushfires) it was quite fortuitous that their tailor-made programme was an indoor one.

Inserted into the team and leadership development content for this group was a presentation on the Belbin Team Role Model as well as our Battlespace business game.

Battlespace has a carefully pitched military theme and is one our most sophisticated business games and simulations. It demands a high degree of teamwork, cross-functional collaboration and command decision-making to remain competitive.

The record for the highest score in this game has stood for 5 years and was broken by one of the KPMG teams during the session. This game has been delivered in numerous countries for teams of all levels and industries, and so taking out the record is quite a feat.

The game itself works extremely well as an indoor team and leadership development activity. It has enormous scope to be linked to real world outcomes and benefits, especially when combined with the Belbin model.

It will be interesting to see how long this new record will stand, as obtaining the higher-level scores in the game requires a top level of teamwork and skill indeed.

To see more check out our BELBIN ands BATTLESPACE approaches.


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