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Team Building in Winter

Team building in winter is often best done indoors, luckily we have many great options.
Our indoor team builds can be a great option for cold winter days

Whilst it’s unlikely that most Australian locations will have truly artic conditions, cooler weather should be factored into planning for delegate comfort and safety.

This may be less of an issue for QLD and NT locations, but for team building events with an outdoor component in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Hobart it’s a potentially significant factor.

On this basis an outdoor team challenge can still be considered, but an adverse weather back up may be essential, or perhaps considering a hybrid ‘indoor and outdoor’ options such as our Agency Ad making / film making option, where you can flip either way as required.

Where there are any doubts about the weather and delegate comfort, robustness and safety then purely indoor options such as our Picture Perfect or many Business Games may be a safer option.

There are only a handful of circumstances under which physical discomfort may be a legitimate factor for a team building exercise (for example military or sporting teams), but for the most part business and government teams will be happier if not put under physical duress.


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