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Team Building in Berlin

Team building in Berlin with a Team DNA event with Sabre
Team Building in Berlin

Team Building in Berlin with a tailored Team DNA for a client.

It has been an absolute pleasure for members of the Sabre team to deliver a tailored Team DNA session in Berlin Germany for the international organisation iRAP. The 39 global managers in attendance are responsible for working with government and private bodies the world over to improve road safety.

Pre-course work allowed the groundwork for the Belbin model and its profiles and reports to be explained at the on-site workshop. Content was facilitated to match the model and reports to some real-world projects and outcomes.

To top off the session our ‘Picture Perfect’ exercise was used to bring some of the workshop content to life and deliver a spectacular cross-functional team challenge. The amazing outcome serves as a nice reminder to this team of how effective they are at sharing and collaborating to achieve their vital global aims and vision.

With the noble aim of saving lives globally each year, this team will put their already impressive, and now enhanced team and leadership skills to good work indeed.

Berlin is also a terrific city to work in with its contemporary and alternate culture blended with the vibrant buzz of a huge capital city.

"The energy, effort, professionalism and fun you brought to the preparation and the day itself was excellent and the team gained so much from your knowledge"

Rob McInerney



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