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Team Building for Schools

Team Building for Schools

Sabre loves to deliver team and leadership development programmes into both State and Independent schools.

We can work with students and staff alike.

Professional development sessions for teachers draw upon Belbin profiles and reports as well as carefully selected activity content.

In some schools we have tailored workshop and activity packages for an entire senior school ranging from the year 7 cohort to Year 12. Year 7, 8 and 9 programmes tend to emphasise the basics of teamwork and leadership with a heavier activity content, whereas for the 10 – 12 cohorts we design more sophisticated programmes and messages.

Year 12 cohorts for example have benefitted from our Belbin GetSet package that delivers for each student a personalised report on their team and leadership behaviours and strengths.

Programmes are aimed at enhancing their ability to develop and project their strengths and to collaborate at school, as well as to hone their abilities for when they leave school to higher learning or the workforce.

Many schools are also replacing off-site camps with on-site team workshops due to pandemic impacts.


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