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Team Building for Schools

Sabre has a comprehensive range of approaches for schools and universities that range from experiential learning to behavioural profiling for self awareness and professional development.

We have recently conducted a number of successful programmes for State and Private High School students and staff.

For the students we have tailored approaches for junior year levels that dovetail successfully into areas of curriculum, such as team building games set in Ancient Rome, and for senior years more adventurous Quests or Kon Tiki Boat Builds.

Our Belbin GetSet behavioural profiles are also used for senior student cohorts to help them better identify and project their strengths at school, and better equip them as they leave for further education or the workforce.

Staff teams also benefit from our activities and ‘Team and Leadership DNA’ packages aimed at enhancing collaboration, communication and capability within and between different levels of administration and staff.

So whether for students or staff, Sabre is delighted to tailor approaches to suit.


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