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Team Building for Charity – Backpack Beds for Homeless

Teams can leave a lasting legacy from their team building event with the donation of Backpack Beds for homeless
Team Building for Charity with Sabre

Since 1988 Sabre has supported a range of charities and designed a number of team building concepts allowing clients to directly support a number of very worthwhile projects.

One of our most recent, ‘Street Survivors’, uses a parody of the reality TV formula to have teams competing initially then coming together to donate BackPack Beds for the homeless. These are then distributed to a number of frontline charities on wait lists for these often life-saving resources.

The problem of homelessness on our streets is worse than ever and demands a level of attention far higher than it is sadly receiving at present. The beauty of these Backpack beds is that they instantly offer a level of comfort, dignity and safety from the elements to a person in need.

With harsh cold, rain and wind this can be a genuine life changer and a life saver for those ‘sleeping rough’ as opposed to having access to a homeless facility. And there are an increasing number of Australians of all ages, and from all backgrounds forced to sleep rough.

The charities working hard to alleviate the suffering of these people often seek to help with the root causes of homelessness as well, but the provision of these beds helps to meet an immediate need at the frontline.

As team building events go, this is a great activity, bit far more importantly than that it provides a lasting legacy to some fellow humans in truly desperate need.

Here are some sobering facts from the people at Backpack Beds for Homeless:

116,427 Australians are homeless and needlessly suffering tonight

49,200 people will sleep rough on the street across Australia this year (ABS 2016).

Fact. There are not enough shelters and governments ignore the basic human right to shelter and dignity.

20.4% increase in the number of people sleeping on the street across Australia (ABS 2011 vs ABS 2016).

1 in 201 Australians are currently homeless (ABS 2016).

Nearly 60% of homeless people are aged under 35 years (ABS 2016).

In 2018 two homeless men were tragically run over and killed by garbage trucks - one while sleeping in a Brisbane City laneway and another while sleeping in Sydney. 

To find out more about this event VISIT HERE.

To donate directly to Backpack beds for homeless, and please do, visit here


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