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Social Distance Team Building: The new normal for post-pandemic events.

Re-launch your 2020 and fight your way into a better 2021 with good old-fashioned face-to-face team chemistry. Just let us do it safely for you.

A lot has changed in these last few months. Beyond those trite buzzwords like ‘unprecedented’ and ‘pivot’ sits the rather cold hard reality of ‘adapt or perish’.

Events and conferences will soon need to adjust to people being able to interact within government social distancing guidelines. For how long this will remain the case is anyone’s guess?

For team building and development programmes there are major design changes that we have been making to adjust some of our best approaches to suit these new requirements.

It is well worth going to all this trouble though as face to face events will always trump online interaction. It feels like this for a reason, human beings are behaviourally wired for face-to-face communications.

Neuroscience insights confirm the benefits, many of them at a sub-conscious level, from physical presence over any remote methods of communication. Even with social distance measures in place, human beings are just deeply wired for face-to-face interaction when it comes to building relationships. Stronger working relationships occur when occasional proximity is enabled.

There is a literal ‘chemistry’ that occurs when people meet, so even with social distancing limitations, the sooner people get their teams interacting in person the sooner their working relationships can flourish.

With revised game formats and protocols, stacks of hygiene measures and good old hand sanitiser we are certainly ready to go for running events safely and effectively.

Reconnecting humans in the best way possible is going to be critical for rebuilding basic team capability, morale and performance.

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