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Smaller and more frequent team building events are on the cards for many clients

Face-to-face events are making a comeback in some regions, yet the impact of the pandemic is changing the nature of meetings and off-sites for the foreseeable future.

Clients have been telling us that pandemic related concerns are limiting the size of the meetings and the off-sites that they can stage with their teams. Head-office directives and guidelines will see a slow return to bigger group meetings, with smaller and more frequent catch-ups seeming to be a trend.

This need for smaller and perhaps more frequent team building packages drives us to design and tailor our approaches for maximum impact and engagement.

When the conference or off-site drops from being the usual 100 – 150 people in one big go, to 10-15 people in 10 – 15 multiple events, it’s important to maintain some shared experience and continuity.

We have been doing this by linking multiple face to face events even if they are held at multiple sites and on different days.

There are great team building concepts in our tried and proven repertoire that not only work well with small teams, but can also be used to develop meaningful links and engagement between multiple teams.

Even smaller face-to-face events beats Zoom fatigue, yet we still have our online approaches as well. The need to reconnect humans post-Zoom has been on the rise, just with a need to take into account the demands of the current world.

If you are seeking good COVID-safe solutions for smaller teams, please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to make some suggestions.

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