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Sabre and Corporate Challenge Events MICE Market Alliance

Sabre and Corporate Challenge Events, two of Australia’s most experienced and respected team building and event providers, are now co-operating in the MICE market.

The aim is to collaborate on a substantial level to enhance the delivery of a sophisticated product range across Australia and New Zealand.

Sabre and Corporate Challenge Events (formed respectively in 1988 and 1994) have already established themselves as genuine pioneers and thought leaders in the team building industry. Both have grown out of quite different backgrounds with equally contrasting programme design perspectives. This allows for some great sharing and collaboration to occur in the spaces where those differences in approach exist.

A collaboration with the Belbin Team Role Model, for which Sabre is Australian Distributor, has paved the way for this enhanced professional relationship between the two companies (Corporate Challenge Events now being a very capable Belbin Accredited User).

When selecting a quality team building provider based on experience, integrity and a great product range you simply cannot go past Sabre Corporate Development or Corporate Challenge Events.

For all you could ever need for team building, development and events visit:


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