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Reconnecting 170 participants at Brisbane’s Cloudland

Reconnecting 170 participants at Brisbane’s Cloudland was a wonderful example of people yearning to break free of purely online interaction

It was an absolute pleasure in late February to help 170 of the lovely people of Genie Solutions reconnect at the rather funky Cloudland venue in Brisbane.

Many clients have been seeking to break the Zoom fatigue of the pandemic lockdowns with face-to-face events that can boost morale and re-energise team performance in a meaningful way.

Extended periods of remote and hybrid working can take a toll on engagement and also the quality of communication and working relationships. Great employers like this have been investing in rebuilding the personal connections with their teams.

Naturally having plenty of hand sanitiser and optional gloves and facemasks etc on hand is now standard, as is reminding people to minimise coming into close proximity wherever possible.

And as for that venue, wow, what a cool and eclectic place. The Sabre team on the day had a sensational time not only working with the lovely clients, but also taking in the colourful décor.

Brisbane has some wonderful team building venues and as it's in our own backyard, we can easily work at them all.


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