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Operation FIGHTBACK: Military insights for a post-pandemic rebound

Nobody trains their leaders and teams to rebound from adversity and setbacks like the military. We’ll show you how.

When we emerge from this pandemic reconnecting teams and cultivating a genuine will to win is going to be critical.

The military world provides highly useful insights, tools and techniques that can be drawn upon and tailored to help business teams. It must be done carefully to ensure that relevance is achieved and transferral is made to the workplace.

It was our ability to do this for our clients during the last major recession that helped us to launch as a successful business. Some 30 years later these approaches work just as well, and have been progressively updated and refined with decades of experience that we have now gained from thousands of clients.

Our ex military facilitators draw upon the best of the military, importantly they do so in a business relevant and business friendly manner. Sophisticated workshops, behavioural profiles and tailored experiential learning is blended to provide memorable experiences and lasting take-away value.

We work with and tailor relevant aspects of military approaches for leadership, teaming and winning that will transfer into other workplaces such as:

Command Decision-Making

Small and Large Team Dynamics

Leadership Development

Thriving in adversity

Out-thinking and outmanoeuvring the competition

Morale and the will to win

Courage, initiative and teamwork are three simple core military values that drive an ethos of genuine resilience for individuals and teams. Our sessions and activities tap into these values and uncover how teams may be able to adapt them in their own working environment.

Since 1988 Sabre’s ex military team members have used hand-picked insights and tools from the military to help business and government clients to win in their own complex environments.

We replicate the esprit de corps and dynamics of elite military environments, yet without any of the risks and physicality. Our approaches are designed to to be fun and inclusive ways to gain insight into military tools and approaches.

Some of our approaches are indoor sessions and business games, whilst others are more outdoor and adventure-based in nature. We tailor and blend to suit your aims.

We can even deploy a huge ‘wow factor’ with real military tanks, vehicles and pyrotechnics to safely and theatrically bring the military environment to life for your people.

After the massive set backs thrust upon business from this pandemic, organisations will emerge into a far tougher and more competitive world. Military insights can genuinely help teams and leaders to thrive and survive.

Organisations seeking to rebuild, reset and survive will need to build a fighting spirit, and not as a luxury, but as a genuine necessity.


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