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Movie Making fun in Cairns for Abbvie Pharmaceuticals

Team building with movie making can be a great success when they are properly tailored and formatted for a corporate client.
Team building with movie making and TV ad creation by Sabre

The use of film making, or the creation of some short TV Commercials as a conference team building activity can be highly successful when tailored to suit client aims.

We have recently had a great deal of fun with some folks at the Australasian Abbvie Pharmaceutical conference in Cairns. On a lovely sunny day teams experienced a tailored introduction and detailed skills workshops before heading out and about to their locations.

Once teams get their heads into storyboards and scripts, these activities can be a wonderful Trojan horse for incorporating key conference and business themes in a humorous and memorable way.

Some organisations will lean more towards the fun end of the spectrum with these team building sessions, yet others will have us dial it up more towards structured team development with Belbin profiles and the integration of key company values.

Either way, the making of a short film or ad represents a great opportunity for not only having some fun, but planning and executing a real time project that has a demonstrable end result.

Speaking of end results, we also hold an awards ceremony that has more laughs and prestige than the Oscars, the famous ‘Golden Gnome Awards’. Once the films have been viewed and judged we can recognise outstanding acting, technical work, stunts and bad cross-dressing.

To see more visit our Movie Making for team building page here.


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