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Millennial-Friendly Team Building

Team building for millennials

Millennial-Friendly Team Building can be fun and meaningful with an avoidance of the cringe factor.

As millennials continue to make up a significant portion of the workforce, it's essential for companies to understand and implement effective team building strategies that resonate with this generation. Millennials value collaboration, purpose-driven work, and a healthy work-life balance.

Purpose-Driven Initiatives:

Millennials are often driven by a sense of purpose and want to feel that their work makes a meaningful impact. To align team building with this value, consider organizing activities that involve giving back to the community or participating in socially responsible projects.

Charity team building or sustainability related initiatives not only build team camaraderie but also fulfil millennials' desire for purpose-driven work. Our 'Team Toy Story', 'Global Eco-Challenge' and 'Street Survivor Challenges' are popular choices.

Try to get teams together and away from their screens for a while:

Millennials are the first generation to grow up so extensively with personal technology, making them inherently tech-savvy, but with this will often come a price to be paid in terms of in-person soft skills. Leverage this by incorporating in-person team building activities that get away from screens and technology.

Virtual team-building events, online collaboration platforms, and gamified experiences may superficially appeal, but can re-enforce gaps in face to face chemistry and create gaps in inclusivity for remote or distributed teams. In-person events can profoundly help to rebuild genuine connections and our 'Quest', 'Agency' and 'Kon Tiki' challenges are great out and about experiences.

Collaborative Challenges:

Millennials thrive in collaborative environments where they can share ideas and work together towards a common goal. Structured team-building challenges, such as problem-solving games or group projects, encourage open communication, creativity, and teamwork.

These activities provide opportunities for millennials to leverage their diverse skill sets and learn from one another. Most of the Sabre team building portfolio can be millennial friendly in this regard.

Flexibility and Personal Growth:

Flexibility in the workplace is highly valued by millennials, who often seek opportunities for personal and professional growth. Incorporate team-building activities that focus on skill development and learning. Workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs can help millennials acquire new skills and expand their knowledge base, ultimately contributing to their career advancement and job satisfaction.

Our individual Belbin profiles and reports can offer meaningful personal insights and advice for growth in the workplace.

Inclusivity and Diverse Perspectives:

Millennials are known for their appreciation of diversity and inclusivity. When planning team-building activities, consider incorporating elements that celebrate diversity within teams, and enable various thinking and operating styles to come to life. Team building that promotes open dialogue and psychological safety can resonate best.

Fostering an inclusive environment helps millennials feel valued and appreciated within the team and we have programmes such as our Team and Leadership DNA that delves into diversity in a fun and meaningful way.

Wellness and Work-Life Balance:

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a priority for millennials. Incorporate team-building activities that promote physical and mental well-being.

Outdoor team-building challenges that can help reduce stress, boost morale, and enhance overall team satisfaction often appeal. Sabre has many team event options that tap into outdoor environments and enable teams to have fun and relax together.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement:

Millennials appreciate regular feedback and opportunities for growth. Following team-building activities, seek input from team members to understand what worked well and areas that could be improved by using some of our practical team de-brief tools.

Use this feedback to refine future team-building initiatives, ensuring they align with the preferences and needs of the millennial workforce.

Effectively engaging and building cohesive teams with millennials requires a thoughtful approach that considers their values and preferences. By incorporating face to face activities, purpose-driven initiatives, collaborative challenges, flexibility, inclusivity, wellness, and continuous improvement, companies can create team-building experiences that resonate with this generation.

Fostering a sense of purpose, belonging, and growth within the team not only leads to improved collaboration but also contributes to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.

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