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Military approaches to deal with challenging times

Insights from the military to enhance team resilience in tough times.

Since 1988 whenever we see challenging times arise we tend to see a spike in demand for our military themed approaches along with it.

This goes beyond the theme itself and speaks to the ability of these approaches to deliver some tried and tested tools, insights and approaches. This works at an individual and collective level via hand-picked military tools tailored for a business audience along with behavioural and experiential elements.

The military excels at inculcating highly effective tools, attitudes and approaches for managing the unexpected, surviving challenging times and coping with adversity. Not only does it do this with its appointed leaders, but across all ranks to create and empower leadership down to all levels when things are not going to plan.

The military have distilled centuries of hands-on experience into some very easy to impart principles and tools. These assist individuals and teams to make optimal use of the physical and psychological resources at hand to survive challenging circumstances.

Sabre has crafted business-friendly and relevant experiences such as our ‘Battlespace’ business game to bring such insights usefully to life. A carefully blended approach can immediately impart useful insights into handling challenges and adversity.

The scenarios that occur within the experience are linked to real-world outcomes and are especially potent when used in tandem with individual and team behavioural profiles.

This combination of action-learning with military insights and evidence-based behavioural profiling enables individuals and teams to rapidly develop actual take-away value for team resilience and performance in tough times.

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