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In-person team building reconnects people and repairs working relationships

In-person events are making a welcome return, and can help to repair any erosion in working relationships resulting from prolonged online interaction.

In recent weeks we have been delighted to see clients reconnecting their teams with in-person events to break their ‘Zoom Fatigue’

Whilst technology has enabled many to keep working as remote or hybrid teams, prolonged online interaction can easily erode the quality of working relationships, communication and morale.

In-person events allow people to pick up on non-verbal cues without the technical delays, glitches and misunderstandings that can confuse the social systems of the human brain. The lack of such factors online can make meetings and interpersonal engagements seem adversarial or lacking in presence even when that may not be the case.

When The Situation Requires Trust Building

If you need to strengthen connections

When Trying To Promote Dialogue

If The Message Involves Emotional Topics

When The Stakes Are Higher

If You Have To Discuss Volatile Topics

If You Are Starting A New Relationship

If You Have Specific Concerns To Communicate

When You Have To Convey Sensitive Information

Human beings simply form stronger emotional connections that build trust and understanding when in proximity with one another. That is the way the social systems of our brains are designed. As humans, the chemistry of our brains thrives on in-person proximity to establish empathy, working relationships and develop teams.

Some virtual and hybrid constructs are bound to remain, but in-person catch ups will be essential to recharge and maintain team engagement and performance.

Well-timed team development sessions will make a difference to remote and hybrid teams, and those simply reconnecting post-pandemic.


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