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Hybrid Team Building Sessions

We have recently been able to assist teams that have a mix of office and remote workers to undertake successful hybrid programmes.

Whilst it’s definitely more of a challenge to have some people connected physically in a training room or office and others via Zoom or Teams, it can be done.

It is important to be aware of the way the social systems of the human brain work, and that there is a sub-conscious disconnect between those co-located and those interacting purely onscreen. Selecting content that enables enough depth and complexity, such as one of our Team DNA approaches, enables meaningful contributions that can transcend these limitations.

Understanding human behaviour in teams, and what drives it, can help people to develop optimal ways to communicate and allocate real-word work between office-based and remote team members.

The careful tailoring of pre-session profiling and reports (we use the Belbin Model) to inform us and the team of their strengths and weaknesses, with the right balance of screen time and activity can achieve great results.


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