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Global Belbin Catch Up

A recent online meeting of international Belbin Distributors featured updates from every corner of the globe and from the man himself, Meredith Belbin.

Hearing from our global Belbin partners always re-iterates just how effectively the Belbin Model works to enhance not just teams, but also the capabilities of managers and leaders at all levels. The Belbin Model changes the lives of individuals, teams and organisations with corporate, government, defence, education and NGO clients in so many languages and in so many countries.

Developments and refinements are ongoing with the new Belbin Interplace 8 software as is in-depth research with several Universities into how Belbin Team Role theory positively impacts individuals, working relationships, teams and culture.

We also enjoyed the opportunity to welcome new faces to the Belbin Global team and to acknowledge the contributions of Belbin experts like Winston Pond from NZ and Tony Miles from France on their retirement. We wish them all the very best and thank them for the valuable contributions that they have made over many years to the quality and usefulness of the Model.

Meredith Belbin dropped in to update us all on his latest book. At 95 years of age he is still such a ball of energy and continues to deploy his powerful insight and intellect into not just the Belbin Model, but also many contemporary global themes and issues.

The global Belbin family grows every year and despite the pandemic, has energetically continued to do so. Its ability to be deployed effectively online has helped so many leaders and teams around the world who have been forced to revert to remote and hybrid working.

We look forward to our next global catch-up with our international Belbin team.


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