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Fun in the Sun for our QLD Clients

Fun in the Sun for our QLD Clients

For QLD clients it has been somewhat easier for them to stage good old-fashioned face to face events across January than it has been for our interstate friends.

Gold Coast, The Sunshine Coast and Cairns have been popular spots to get back into the swing of team-based off-site events once again.

Whilst events have needed to be in Covid-Safe formats, it has been great to get out and about again and has given many clients the chance to break the dreaded Zoom fatigue to reconnect in person. Many clients are however limited on the size of their meetings and off-sites, so lots of smaller events will often take the place of larger gatherings.

Fingers crossed we start to see pandemic restrictions ease even further so that teams can benefit from the impact and fun that only a genuine live event can deliver.


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